The Maritime and Folklore Museum in Symi has opened.

Located in the Square May 8, 1945 in Yialos since 1990 and housed in one of the most representative neoclassical buildings in the area where once stood the main shipyard of Symi.A visit to the Maritime Museum of Symi is a pilgrimage to the maritime tradition of the island, where through the exhibits the visitor will travel back in time and get to know how the life of the Symian fisherman, sailor and merchant was then.Among the exhibits of particular interest is the reconstruction of the interior of Symi house, which gives a clear picture of the daily life of residents in recent years, while traditional costumes complete the folklore collection of the museum.The museum is visited daily and admission costs 2 euro and 1 euro reduced.The museum shops with various handmade souvenirs and sponges, report folklore and tradition.