The building of the Hydro biological Station of Rhodes was built during the period 1934-36.From 1937 until 1945, under Italian rule, it was recognized as the “Real Istituto di Ricerce Biologiche de Rodi”.After the unification of the Dodecanese islands with GREECE, it as renamed “Hellenic Hydro biological Institute” and continued operating under the supervision of the Academy of Athens.Today, the Hydro biological Station of Rhodes  operates as a Museum and Aquarioum and is also used as a research Centre. The Aquarium is located in the basement of the Hydro Biological Station and offers the visitors the chance to have a close up view of the marine life of the Eastern Mediterranean, providing the impression of being underwater. With its open water circulation system, supplying 40 tanks with a total capacity of 75000 liters, the Aquarium provides natural living conditions for a wide range of interesting specimens of Mediterranean organisms such as reefs, sea flowers, octopuses, clams, decapods, turtles and numerous fishes.

Opening hours:

The Aquarioum is open daily, except on Greek Orthodox Easter Sunday, Christmas Day and New Years Day.

April – October: 09.00 – 20.30

November – March: 09.00 – 16.30

Full Admission: 5 eur