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Cultural Events – Philharmonic Orchestra

On 12/09/18 at 18.30 pm Music from the Philharmonic Orchestra – Municipality of Rhodes

Museum square

Old Town

Cultural Events – International Festival

On 11/09/18 at 21.00 pm Rhodes International Festival 2018 – 3rd Concert “Eman Shaker & Friends”/Egypt in the context of the year of friendship between Greece and Egypt 2018.

Classic & Arabic music.

The Grand Master’s Palace.

Old Town

Free entrance


Cultural Events – Children’s Musical

On 11/09/18 at 20.00 pm Children’s Musical XANA ZOO.

Medieval Moat Theatre

Old Town


Cultural Events – Argentine Tango

On 09/09/18 at 22.00 pm an evening of Argentine Tango (Milonga)

Dome – Mandraki

Cultural Events – Jazz Concert

On 09/09/18 at 21.00 pm Jazz concert in Rhodes with internationally acclaimed Greek musician Dimitris Vassilakis, together with 3 leading jazz voices Sassa papalambro, Monique Kabasele & nastazia Beikof.

The Grand Masters palace

Old town

Free Entrance

Cultural Events – Artistic Creations

On 09/09/18 at 20.00 pm 3rd Festival of Artistic Creations be the citizens of Rhodes.

Traditional dances from the dance groups of Rhodes and the Dodecanese Medieval Moat Theatre, Old Town.

Cultural Events – Festival of Artistic creations

On 08/09/18 at 20.30 pm 3rd Festival of Artistic Creations by the citizens of Rhodes.

A Great Concert with the Orhestra – Music of Asia “Violets” (Menexedes) with guest star Areti Ketime.

Conductor: Stathis Manousos

Medieval Moat Theatre, Old Town.

Cultural Events – Festival Creations

On 08/0918 at 20.30 pm 3rd Festival of Artistic Creations from the citizens of Rhodes.

Concert 3 choirs under the direction of Maestro George Sakellaridis.

An evening dedicated to violists.

Choir conductor Xeni Papachalkitou

Argyrokastrou Square, Old Town.

Cultural Events – Photographic Exhibition

On 07 – 15/09/18 Photographic exhibition with the theme “My Town”.

Official opening 07/09 20.00 pm daily.

Opened: 09.00 – 13.30 & 17.30 – 21.30.

French Auberge

Old Town

Cultural Events – Children’s Film Festival

On 07 & 08/09/18 at 21.00 pm 5th Children’s Festival

Open air cinema RODON, Mandraki

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