Mandraki is one of the three harbors is Rhodes.It is famous, because it is believed that the great statue of Colossos, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, once stood at the harbor entrance.Today the deer sculptures at the entrance, the St.Nickolas Fortress and a number  of medieval windmills create a charming view of the harbor.Many boat trips to other nearby islands leave from here.Sculptures of Rhodian Deer, a stag and a doe, stand on slim columns on either side of the Mandraki harbor entrance, serve as the guardians of the harbor.The Windmills are located on the wave breaker of Mandraki and were usued to ground the grain that came from the Commercial ships docking in the harbor.Three of these beautiful structures have been renovated and stand as majestic reminders of times past.The imposing St.Nickolas Fortress is located in Rhodes Old City looking out over Mandraki Harbor.When the fortress was built, it took into account the Ottoman use of cannons and other siege weaponry and its thick walls were impermeable for many years.Indeed considering their age, they are in excellent condition to this day.The fortress ig hugely popular with visitors these days and it has been well preserved.You can walk along the path of the former moat, which has been dried out and provides a scenic, tree lined walking path.